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I'm creating a dns server for a local network, and I need to do redirection based on the domains. Also, i'm fairly new to DNS.

I have to redirect all "" domains to a different local nameserver ( which already contains their entries, and all others to any external nameserver (currently i'm trying to use Google's

I tried using forwarders, and they worked, but the DNS server is an old, slow system, so I thought it'd be better if I could use NS entries, so that the forwarding load mainly falls onto the client's side.

With the NS entries, it gives a servfail when I try to ping either any "" domain, or any external domain. Here are the relevant named.conf and zone file entries:


zone "." IN {
    type master;
    file "out.redirect";
    allow-transfer { any; };

zone "" IN {
    type master;
    file "";
    allow-transfer { any; };
//  The entries below worked
//  type forward;
//  forwarders {; };


@       IN      SOA @ none. ( 0 1D 1H 1W 3H );

@       IN      SOA @ none. ( 0 1D 1H 1W 3H ); IN NS

What should I change in my configuration so that this works?

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You can't do that. What you currently do is create new authoritative zones. It will redirect nothing nothere. Besides you probably shouldn't - DNS loads is probably negligible.

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