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My domain is not resolving without using the www. subdomain.

I can't work out why... here is my current zone file: 86400 SOA 2012 10800 3600 604800 86400
*    86400   IN  A
*    86400   IN  MX  10  86400   IN  A  86400   IN  MX  10  86400   IN  MX  10  86400   IN  NS  86400   IN  NS  86400   IN  NS    86400   IN  A    86400   IN  MX  10 60  IN  A 86400   IN  MX  10 86400   IN  MX  20    86400   IN  A    86400   IN  MX  10    86400   IN  A 86400   IN  A 86400   IN  MX  10 86400   IN  A 86400   IN  CNAME

Can anyone spot why this wouldn't be working?

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Your DNS is fine and both and resolve to The issue is the configuration of the VirtualHosts. Follow the instructions here:

Or speak to your hosting provider.

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Your domain resolves just fine, but your web server is configured to need the www part. You have to configure it so that it reacts to both and

How this is done is dependent on your OS and web server, which you don't state.

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DNS seems to be fine. Opening a browser gives "No Virtual Host Configured", which leads me to believe you need to configure your web site with whatever the Linux/Unix equivalent of host headers is.

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