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I have a directory ~/c9/support/npm that is owned by my account. I have a target directory /mnt/ws/users/jan/npm that doesn't exist yet, but /users/jan is owned by usr_jan. Now I want to copy the folder to it's new location and I do:

sudo -Hu usr_jan cp -r ~/c9/support/npm /mnt/ws/users/jan/npm

Now it throws:

cp: cannot access /home/cloud9/c9/support/npm

Is it like prohibited to access data from someone else's home folder, even with sudo?

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Of course, "sudo -Hu usr_jan" will do everything as that user, with their home directory, and not root. Use "sudo cp -pr /home/cloud9/c9/support/npm /mnt/ws/users/jan/" if you want to keep permissions from the source directory. cp -p keeps ownership/permissions if run by root.

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