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How can I create an event on a remote Windows 2008 server that is outside of my own network?

I'm aware of the eventcreate command in Windows, but it does not work with a computer that is not on the same network.

Is it possible?

This is what I currently have, but it does not work with a web address:

eventcreate /S /U username /P password /T INFORMATION /SO "data-runner" /ID 666 /L APPLICATION /D "The data is ready to be fetched."

I'm trying to send a message to (poke) a web server about a job that was executed and that the web server need to perform some work locally. Alternatively, what method is available that do not require a software to be installed on the server?

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Set up a simple website on the web server that writes to the event log.

A website to do this (in classic ASP with vbs) could look like this:


strEventMessage = "The data is ready to be fetched..."

SET objShell = CREATEOBJECT("WScript.Shell")
objShell.LogEvent 4, strMessage


More information on this method:

Be sure to require authentication, you wouldn't want to just let anyone spam the eventlog anonymously

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