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I'd like to implement a "NOC Situational Awareness" board ("War Room" displays) with multiple large-format LCD's. I'd love to have different "screens" of information show up on a timed rotation basis, but also be able to navigate between them and stay locked onto a screen on any given moment.

I used to have a KVM switch that did something like that for auto-flipping between server screens, but would let me select one to focus on a specific task. A virtual-desktop with some plugin that alternates between virtual desktops, combined with some browsers running auto-refresh work well for this, too.

Are there existing packages for doing this? At first, I thought spawning off several copies of a browser in full-screen mode, and using keyboard automation to flip between them would be an okay hack; but I just could not get that to work well.

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Use something that can rotate the display like this Creston product.

If your network monitoring pages are web-based, then you could use a plug-in like FireFox's "Tab Slideshow" to rotate through various tabs that have your status pages up.

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