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From what I can read changing

Options All Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews 


Options All FollowSymLinks MultiViews

in httpd.conf should disable directory listing, but I can still list them.

I have only been able to disable this using .htaccess files.


How do I disable directory listing in httpd.conf for DocumentRoot and all VirtualHost's?

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No, it doesn't work like that, the All means enable all options except MultiViews, the order is also important. To disable directory listings you need -Indexes so

Options All FollowSymLinks MultiViews -Indexes 

would work but

Options -Indexes All FollowSymLinks MultiViews

wouldn't as the All after the -Indexes would re-enable it.

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You should put this on your httpd.conf to disable indexes globally:

Options -Indexes

Then you should check all your virtual hosts to see if they have it explicitly enabled.

This blog post might be helpful to understand how directory listing works.

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Remove All from the flags, as well. All sets every option to enabled, except for MultiViews.

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