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Does anyone know of a traffic generator that can generate or simulate network traffic for example http, ftp, smtp, instant messaging and voice plus video over IP traffic. I need the different traffic profiles to test the impact of security of real-time QoS traffic. If possible the traffic generator will permit for one to chose a bandwidth percentage a profile is to take up.

I have tried numerous ones including iperf, jperf, Ntttcp and the all hog the links bandwidth with one traffic profile. So I'm ideally after a generator with flexibility not a stress testing tool.

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Well, Linux has the tc command, which allows traffic control to a granular scale (want to emulate loading your website on satellite connection from the Antarctic? This is your dude). You're probably looking for some GUI tools though, so I guess it's not what you're really looking for. – qweet Feb 28 '12 at 18:38

JMeter can be configured to do some distributed testing

You could create a "Thread group" for each traffic profile that you want to test

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I've only ever heard of network nightmare, a brand name.

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Yes, look at the tools from Ixia Communications or Spirent. Both specialize in network test tools on both a functional and performance basis.....including the ability to generate just the types of traffic flows to test QOS that you describe.

Of the offerings from both vendors I am partial to IxChariot from Ixia. Full disclosure: A little over a decade ago I worked for the company the originated the technology which underpins IxChariot, including developing the first training class for Chariot. IxChariot is also a full software solution where many of the other elements include hardware components. It can also be had on a lease term basis.

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