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I need to transfer about 20 addon domains and their email accounts to new host where I already have some sites, mail accounts, databases etc..

For some reason, I think that my best bet is to transfer mail account manually like: copying etc and mail folder from old to new host via FTP.. Now while this works very well, I have one problem. All transferred mails again have unread flag (like there are never opened).

Is there a way to move mail accounts while in same way preserve read/unread flags?

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Using the built in migration and backup functions of cpanel is not an option? – arjarj May 7 '12 at 17:08

You should be using imapsync or similar other software to move the mail between non-identical mail systems.

If the mail systems are identical, then moving the data (ideally, rsync over ssh or similar transport) will work. You've goofed somewhere, probably by using FTP.

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