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I have run into something I find odd. I am using Apache/2.0.54

If I try to access a non existent sub domain on my server it will resolve to the primary domain. For example going to

will resolve to .

If I enter a valid subdomain e.g.

it will resolve to the proper sub domain.

I am thinking this is due to a server confg of some kind but I'm not sure what. Googling didn't really help me but that may be because I don't know what to call this exactly.

Could anyone suggest why this is happening? Thanks much!

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On a NameVirtualHost enabled address/port combination, the first matching <VirtualHost> to load is considered the default; requests that match no other hosts are sent to it. See your current configuration with apache2ctl -S.

If you want to avoid this behavior, make the first to load a dummy vhost which serves no content.

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