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On a server we have discovered that we need to add the FTP passive command in every users .netrc file when we create a new user.

Can this and other defaults (in .something files) be automatically created when a new user is created?

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On almost all Linux distributions the standard user creation tools will copy the contents of /etc/skel into the users newly created home directory. At least for standard users and not system users.

Some distributions like Debian/Ubuntu, which have the adduser command all provide a method where you can additional scripts to be called for post-processing after the new user is created.

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@least Under redhat derivatives, useradd copies all the files found under /etc/skel to the new user's home.

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Put default skeleton files in /etc/skel directory. Those files will be copied to new user home directory, just remember to use -m parameter in useradd command.

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