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I'm trying to see if anyone has seen this before and what they did to resolve the issue, so I can resolve it myself. I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 server with my serial port set to show console information, from grub. I've followed the Ubuntu serial console how to, but when I set it, all I get is a corrupted display on the client side, with all ascii characters, but no legible disable. I've made sure that both the server and client machines both match with bits, flow control, and baud rate, but it fails no matter any setting between the 2 matching. I tried a USB serial adapter, which doesn't show console data, but will show just fine when I fully get booted back up, same with a PCI Serial Card(SIIG Cyber Pro Serial Card). I would like to get this working with either my internal serial port, or the serial card if possible, and if all else fails the USB adapter. The board in the server is just a desktop board(Asus M4A88T-M) since this is just a home server, but have an old wrt54g convert to a console server so I can monitor the boot headless. Any suggestions, links to read, etc is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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