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I need to get reason statistics for all bounced emails from mail.log.

Which reason types exist?

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A "Bounce" message is just a normal email message, with the distinction that it was forwarded to the originating address in response to a failure condition somewhere in the delivery path; furthermore, the intervening mail hosts were unable to rectify this failure condition, hence the message is returned to the sender as undeliverable.

A bounce is neither a status, nor a failure reason.

Your own mail server log will only contain a possible reason if your mail server was responsible for generating the bounce message.

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...and just to clarify, then content of the email is not a standard / parsable format. – symcbean Feb 29 '12 at 15:57
But if you have a feeling of the kind of bounces that you get, and you already know that they can be divided in n categories, you may be able to write a program that can classify bounces that you receive in those n categories. Of course this way you may miss a n+1 category that may appear later and handling MIME and bounces in different languages can be a mess. But if such messages are a small percentage it may work. – adamo Mar 1 '12 at 6:41

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