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Say I have the following set up.

<target iqn.2012-02.local.mydomain.server1.target1>
    backing-store /dev/virtstore/virtimage1

<target iqn.2012-02.local.mydomain.server2.target2>
    backing-store /dev/virtstore/virtimage2

If I'm on server1, I can see both targets. How can I make it so that if I scan the target, only one target shows up (the iqn.2012-02.local.mydomain.server1.target1).

edit: targets and initiators are red hat linux.

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You need to use LUN masking. Your target should have a feature that lets you choose a list of devices that will be able to access it.

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If I'm using the tools that come with Redhat, how would I go about doing that? normally I would do that on the SAN or fibre level but I'm a newbie with iscsi. – luckytaxi Feb 29 '12 at 20:52
Oh, I assumed this was to some sort of storage device. If you're providing iscsi disks through linux, I can't help you. Sorry. – Basil Feb 29 '12 at 20:55

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