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I followed this Step by Step guide to hosting teamcity in iis 7 in order to access my CI server (Jenkins) via IIS and port 80 kill

I set up the ARR rules to route my subdomain ci.hat-tip.co.uk, and set up a binding on the sitehat-tip.co.uk/ for the subdomain. However, when you visit http://ci.hat-tip.co.uk/ you get a mangled version of http://www.hat-tip.co.uk/ rather than it routing straight through to the CI server.

I know routing is working somewhat, because I can tell it to deny matching requests, which takes ci.hat-tip.co.uk completely down. What I don't get is why it routing through to the web farm, or if it is, why the web farm is messing things up!

Any uideas?

NB I have a local hosts entry for ci.hat-tip.co.uk

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Can you post the xml from configuration/webFarms as well as configuration/system.webServer/rewrite/ from your applicationHost.config from your ARR server? Thanks! –  Chris Anton Feb 29 '12 at 22:27
I figurted this bit out - the ASP routing module was above the ARR module, so ASP requests were begin partially server. Now I'm back to 502 invalid response while acting as a gateway –  mcintyre321 May 9 '12 at 15:27
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