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I have a MySQL server on my Scientific Linux 6.2 system. Right now I know how to create a new database, and set up users.

I need to setup LibreOffice Base to connect to the MySQL server, via either ODBC or JDBC (ideally over SSL).

How do I do this? Do I need to install anything on the server to allow this to happen?

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It's easier to maintain a machine if you use distribution official packages. There are official mysql connector packages in Red Hat Enterprise Linux so I guess they are part of scientific linux too.

yum install mysql-connector-java mysql-connector-odbc

wrt SSL, you can take a look at the official doc:

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All you need is MySQL using sockets and the appropriate connector (downloadable from the MySQL site). After that it's just a matter of configuring the DSN. If you have questions relating to that I suggest you first read the documentation and then ask over at SO if you're still stuck.

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