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Got myself into a tricky situation. Have aufs mounted at /mnt/1

aufs on /mnt/1 type aufs (rw,relatime,si=daab1cec23213eea)

I can't unmount the thing:

sudo umount -f /mnt/1
umount2: Stale NFS file handle
umount: /mnt/1: Stale NFS file handle
umount2: Stale NFS file handle
umount2: Stale NFS file handle

How do I unmount the mount point? (without rebooting the system)

(Note: aufs is on top of an openafs system rather than NFS.)

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Got into a similar situation, and could reproduce it easily: just remove the rw branch of the AUFS filesystem, and boom, the AUFS mountpoint is completely hosed. umount -f or umount -l won't change a thing. I'm still looking for a solution as well. – jpetazzo Oct 20 '12 at 1:24

from man 8 umount:

   -f     Force   unmount   (in  case  of  an  unreachable  NFS  system).
          (Requires kernel 2.1.116 or later.)

   -l     Lazy unmount. Detach the filesystem from the filesystem hierar-
          chy  now,  and cleanup all references to the filesystem as soon
          as it is not busy anymore.  (Requires kernel 2.4.11 or  later.)

If sudo umount -f /mnt/1 does not work, you can try sudo umount -l /mnt/1.

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-l may take some time, right? Is there some additional option if -f doesn't work? – Ehtesh Choudhury Apr 19 '13 at 9:48

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