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I did the setup for a ProFTP server on my Ubuntu workstation before-hand, but when replicating it on a Ubuntu server, mod_sql_passwd is simply missing.

When I enable the module, I get the following error:

Fatal: LoadModule: error loading module 'mod_sql_passwd.c': Permission denied on line 51 of '/etc/proftpd/modules.conf'

mod_sql_passwd files (.so and .c) are simply missing, whereas on my workstation it was a simple matter of enabling the configuration.

The biggest difference with the server is that it's a release gap. I will be upgrading the server, which is at the latest LTS release, in case it's the reason why.

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It does appear like there may be some differences in the versions of proftp available.

If you look at the list of files from lucid mod_sql_passwd is not present, but the file is present on oneric.

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That's the conclusion I had. Upgrading the distribution caused me some other issues, but it did solve the missing sql_passwd. – StrangeElement Mar 1 '12 at 21:24

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