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I'm running Drupal 7 with PostgreSQL as a Q&A (with a lot of nodes inserts/updates and several contrib modules). Do you, dba admins, recommand any particular pgsql vacuum policy on particular default tables ?

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Your question might get better answers over on our DBA site -- I can move it there if you would like... – voretaq7 Mar 1 '12 at 18:30

Any recent version of Postgres will have an autovacuum process. Let the autovacuum do its work - It is very good at its job, and will run in such a way as to not interfere with normal use of the database.

If you make a huge number of changes you may want to run a VACUUM ANALYZE on the whole database.
If you did a lot of deleting you may opt for a VACUUM FULL ANALYZE to compact the tables, but note that this will lock the tables while it compacts them -- Do not run it on a production system of any real size without a maintenance window.

You can read more about tuning autovacuum (and times when you might need/want to manually VACUUM your database) in the Postgres documentation.

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