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I'm new to using a Mac and have come from developing in the land of Ubuntu and Windoze before that. I'm trying to install rlwrap. I read that first I need to install XCode and then Fink. Ok, I got through that. Now I run sudo apt-get install rlwrap and I get E: Couldn't find package rlwrap.

I'm guessing I need to add another repository to fink but I cannot figure out, 1, what repository to add and, 2, where I add that.

Thank you for your help

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There are several projects out there package open source software for OS X. The fink project is one of them, but I'm not sure how active it is anymore.

Alternatives to fink include MacPorts and Homebrew. With MacPorts installed on my system, I can:

$ sudo port install rlwrap
--->  Computing dependencies for rlwrap
--->  Fetching archive for rlwrap
--->  Attempting to fetch rlwrap-0.37_1.darwin_11.x86_64.tbz2 from
--->  Fetching rlwrap
--->  Attempting to fetch rlwrap-0.37.tar.gz from
--->  Verifying checksum(s) for rlwrap
--->  Extracting rlwrap
--->  Configuring rlwrap
--->  Building rlwrap
--->  Staging rlwrap into destroot
--->  Installing rlwrap @0.37_1
--->  Activating rlwrap @0.37_1
--->  Cleaning rlwrap

And then:

$ rlwrap  --version
rlwrap 0.37
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awesome. I'm in business. I guess I just jumped on the first bus that came by (fink) and should've done little more research. Thanks – Kirby Mar 1 '12 at 21:56

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