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I'm upgrading an old internal website from .net 2 to 4 using this procedure from msdn. I mostly got rid of .net assembly references in the web.config and switched the DefaultAppPool. However when I tried to access the website using http://localhost/ the login challenge didn't show up. Request.LogonUserIdentity Is being used to get credentials.

When I use http: //localhost/auth.aspx the Challenge does come up. IIS manager has the auth.apx page set as default and I know for a fact it's being used, but the authentication doesn't show up unless I directly address it.

Any ideas as to why it would only work when i type the full address? (If i go back to using .net 2.0 the request shows up without the full address, it only seems to happen on 4.0)

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Is your app pool configured to use .NET 4? – Steve Sloka Apr 23 '12 at 19:57

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