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Possible Duplicate:
Can you help me with my software licensing question?

We're starting to roll out our product with some supporting services (wiki, bugtracker, the likes). I'm really happy so far with the Atlassian suite for these things. However, for a product which is free to download, the prices per user are way to high to give every (potential) customer a user into the system.

I was planning on making the Confluence instance public (as it's documentation is mostly not-to-edit anyways) and maybe using the JIRA wit anonymous users. Are there any major drawbacks for this? Or would you recommend another approach?

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This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.

Good question, a commonly encountered problem - I don't have an all encompassing solution readily available (for this I'd actually suggest you ask the same question in Atlassian's own Q&A site Answers, which sees significantly more traffic regarding their products than the Stack Exchange network, albeit both are viable approaches of course).

However, I want to bring the recently released JIRA Issue Collector plugin to your attention, which addresses this use case specifically:

The issue collector plugin makes creating issues easy. If you are developing a web-application and want your users to raise bugs in JIRA the issue collector will make this a very painless process.

Instead of having to navigate to JIRA to raise bugs users will be able to raise issues directly from within your web-application!


Users will then see a trigger they can click to raise bugs and will get a form directly in your webapp to provide more details. They can do so anonymously or if they are already logged in in the JIRA instance where the feedback will be created than their login credentials can be used. [emphasis mine]

See Easy issue creation for external reporters: the JIRA Issue Collector plugin beta for an illustrated introduction of this plugin's functionality.

In addition you might want to check Andy Brook's answer to the related question JIRA User License Count - need user license for all our end users?, which suggests to use the JIRA email interface to create non interactive users eventually; be advised though, that the latter isn't yet available for Atlassian's new OnDemand platform, causing much grieve amongst existing customers accordingly, see Support issue creation from email on the OnDemand platform (JST-5649).

Good luck!

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