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I have MariaDB running on my dev server (no replication or anything else) running version 5.3.5. It's an Ubuntu 10.04 server running all the latest patches and updates. I am having issued getting errors regarding the the binlog_format, so I went to change it from STATEMENT to MIXED or ROW, but when I run SET GLOBAL binlog_format = 'MIXED', nothing gets updated. I have tried everything from this post:, but nothing changes. The only way I have gotten it to change is with the following:

sudo service stop mysql
sudo mysqld --binlog_format=MIXED

The only problem is that when I restart the format goes back to statement based. Is there anything else I am supposed to do to change it as a global variable?

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I was able to fix the problem by adding binlog_format = MIXED to my my.cnf file. I hadn't tried that before, because I didn't see it setting the format there, but when I added it near all of the other binlog settings and restarted the service, it worked.

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