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We just started using TFS 2010 with Nugetter to build and publish our software in nuget packages.

The problem is, Nugetter needs all the files to be included in a subfolder somewhere inside the drop folder.

The build process only produces a .dll with it's pdb file (its a library solution for example).

Nugetter can be set up to include this folder in a package, (bin). However we also want to add a Documentation\ folder inside the package (example dir), and this folder is inside the solution, just not compiled and dropped to the drop location.

If it was a normal nuget.exe operation, the nuspec would be enough, but the way nugetter works a nuspec is only for information, and not for file declaration.

Any ideas how this could be done? Ideally we could create 2 folders inside the drop folder, 1 for the nuget to package and one more for publishing to the testing IIS.

We are using the default XAML file nugetter includes.

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