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MySQL details:

MySQL username: root
MySQL password: z

To run MySQL query without login, the command is:

mysql -u root -pz -e "mysql-query-here"

So, if I want to create database with name db1, it will become:

mysql -u root -pz -e "CREATE DATABASE db1 CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin"

Now, I want to run this query for database db1

INSERT INTO `role_permission` VALUES (1,'create about_us content','node')

I dont know how to make it works. I've tried many combinations without luck.

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You can use the same command, but after adding the DB name like:

$ mysql -u root -p db1 -e "your-insert-here"
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You can just add a use db1 command to the string you pass to mysql.

mysql -u root -pz -e "USE db1; INSERT INDO role_permissions values (1,'create about_us content','node');"

Also, did you create your role_permissions table e.g.

mysql -u root -pz -e "USE db1; CREATE TABLE role_permissions (id INT, data VARCHAR(200), type VARCHAR (10);"
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