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I am trying to mount a directory from Linux (named roshan. version centos 5) to solaris (named orchid version solaris 8). I did the following:

[root@roshan /]# cat /etc/exports
/backup2 *(sync,rw,no_root_squash)
/share_to_orichid orchid(sync,rw,no_root_squash)

[root@roshan /]# exportfs -a

As you see I shared the directory from Linux. Now I am going to mount it from Solaris

bash-2.05# mount roshan:/share_to_orchid /mount_from_roshan/
Permission denied

well. problem shows up. Permission denied. And I try another way.

[root@roshan /]# exportfs -o rw,no_root_squash orchid:/share_to_orchid/
[root@roshan /]#

now mount from Solaris again it will succeed

bash-2.05# mount roshan:/share_to_orchid /mount_from_roshan/
bash-2.05# cd /mount_from_roshan/

So my question is why the first way failed. Is there any difference between the first and second way?

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There is a typo of "orichid" in your described /etc/exports. Just checking that this isn't the problem. – Lars Rohrbach Mar 5 '12 at 4:45
hmm how to mark this answer as a correct one? – Mingwei Li Mar 5 '12 at 5:12
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OK, just to list this as an answer, then: There is a typo of "orichid" in your described /etc/exports file.

Note also that the showmount command can be helpful in checking the exports of a remote machine. In this case, from the Solaris machine orchid, you could run

showmount -e roshan

to see what roshan is exporting, and to where. My tests show that exportfs will happily export non-existent directories without complaint, but you may at least notice such a typo while checking.

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