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We have given the following setting with corosync and pacemaker.

crm configure rsc_defaults resource-stickiness="100"

And it works fine when the primary server goes down. But it wont work revers, resource(httpd) migration back to primary after restarting the primary and bringing down the secondary.


As I said everything works well, but i need just one thing, i have the directive " resource-stickiness="100", when node1 is down, the node2 starts all resources and prevent failback again though the node1 is up, back i need move all resources to the first one when I certainly sure the node1 is runnig, is there some directive to tell pacemaker that move back again the to node1 automatically? i mean, is posibble to move back resources to node1 when It has passed certain time, maybe 1 hour or something?

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Instead of setting the stickiness to 100, make it INFINITY and try this command

crm configure rsc_defaults resource-stickiness="INFINITY"
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Make the stickiness INFINITY and try. Also create a new key on the secondary server which allow with that key to log in to primary server.

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