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I want to get header response of a URL by using proxy username, password, host and port? is there any Linux command to get the same response?

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Something like the following should give you what you want....

export http_proxy=""  

wget -q --server-response -O /dev/null  --proxy-user=USER  \

(if I have understood the question correctly) Its likely possible to produce some similar result with either curl or perl with LWP module, if you are on a distro with no wget...)

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The curl version of Tom H's answer is:

curl -I -U user:password -x

Both curl and wget will also honour environment variables with the username and password such as:

export http_proxy=""

Feel free to wrap the password in quotes if it contains characters that bash will interpret such as !, *, \, <, >, |, ~ or several others.

Note that using the password on the command line like that will cause it to end up in your bash history and usually be available in a process listing while the command is running. There doesn't seem to be an option to read the password from a file but putting the whole command in a bash script will at least keep the password out of your bash history. Putting the environment variable in your ~/.bash_profile would seem to be the best method.

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