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Windows, TS and TS Gateway: A wonderful combination for remote working.

How can you deliver a similar user experience with Linux as the server side platform? Ideally the clients would be Windows, but could be anything.

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On the local network, X11 is the tried and true method for this and is in use far longer than any similar Windows service.

Simplest form is with SSH port forwarding (ssh -X), but you can export a full desktop with XDMCP on the local network (potentially not very secure anymore).

Over a WAN, network latency will often be too high to make plain X11 usable, but then you can use the compressed NX system, which is available both as a commercial (free for some use-cases) implementation from and as free alternative implementations where I don't know the current status.

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VNC works well and has windows client. You may adjust it to your bandwidth.

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