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Background: I need to match a multiline pattern(?) in a C# source file. The regular expression will be manipulate by Powershell. I have tested and it works on RegexBuddy (with the Dot Matches newline". But when I try to use it via powershell, it does not work.



C# Code:

[Role (MethodName ="param")]
void  doSomething(Param1 Param2);

Powershell code:

$FunctionMatch =[regex]::matches($Data,$FunctionPattern)
$FunctionMatch | format-table index,length,value -auto

According to this, for Powershell to use multiline, I have to use the contruct (?m) but this does not work

Help and thanks in advance!! (Opps I cannot use grep/dedicated parsers/ and findstr does not to multiline without a hacl etc hence the need for Powershell)

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The "(?m)" modifier applies to PowerShell operators (-match, -replace, etc), but you are using the .NET RegEx class which doesn't use PowerShell modifiers. In that case you can use the Multiline RegexOptions flag:

[regex]::matches($Data, $FunctionPattern, "Multiline")

But I don't think dot (".") ever matches newlines in .Net/PowerShell. You'll need to use "\r\n" to match newlines.

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