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I'm trying to capture logs from Heroku. I have setup as suggested

I'm completely new to the rsyslog, please bear with me.

  1. Where do I see the logs from heroku?

  2. Also, how do I configure rsyslog to put all the Heroku logs in something like /var/log/syslog/heroku_%$YEAR%%$MONTH%%$DAY%.log ?

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  1. If you haven't set your rsyslogd server to get messages from heroku then probably nowhere

  2. You can try the LongTermLogRotation from the sample configuration files

Basically you create a rule,bind it (if you manage other logs with rsyslog) that will grab the logs from say specific hosts (heroku),format and store them in a specific location.

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Doesn't the following in rsyslog.conf set the rsyslogd server to get messages from heroku, when the heroku drains are to port 514? $ModLoad imtcp $InputTCPServerRun 514 I thought by default rsyslog keeps the logs somewhere if the rules are not added. Let me know if I'm thinking on the wrong route. – Devi Mar 8 '12 at 9:19

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