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We have a user who is connecting with an automated program to our vsftp daemon - every 3 minutes, sending us a batch of files (about 10 - 20 files). 99% of the time, this works great.

Every once in a while, we see an error on our end "FAIL UPLOAD", with something like this in the logs:

Tue Mar  6 13:06:08 2012 [pid 10786] CONNECT: Client "XXX.YYY.241.245"
Tue Mar  6 13:06:50 2012 [pid 10784] [delmonte_ftp] FAIL UPLOAD: Client "XXX.YYY.241.245", "/opt/clients/myclient/filename", 0.00Kbyte/sec

Two issues are coming up:

  1. Can I somehow force vsftp to not send a "GoodBye", but instead send a failure when the user tries to disconnect? On their end, this forces a resend of the files, which always seems to succeed.

  2. What could cause this type of an issue? The issue only happens about 1 time per week.

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