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Given the identifier (the id from fcsPortPhyPortNum) and/or WWN of a FC switch port, how can I determine the physical location of the port on the switch (i.e., module 2/port 5 or fc2/5) via SNMP?

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Did you walk the CISCO-FE-FC-MIB ?

It seems to cover the extended FC specifics that IF-MIB is missing.

Correlating this and IF-MIB ought to do the trick.

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just answered myself. it seems the port id in CISCO-FCS-MIB corresponds directly to the index in IF-MIB, which gives me the info i need. i'll give you the credit though :) – Christopher Neylan Mar 7 '12 at 17:12

This information is in the ifTable. The ifIndex corresponds to the id from fcsPortPhyPortNum.

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