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I'm at a summer program where about 30 students are taking collaborative notes during presentations. EtherPad works great for this but it has a limit of 8 users.

Do you know any alternatives?

Google Docs is not very robust for this kind of use (if you have used it before with more than 1 person you probably know).

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I ended up contacting the etherpad people and they let us use a beta version of their product that allows more than 8 people. I highly recommend etherpad. – amh Aug 9 '09 at 21:03
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If you don't mind using a desktop application there are alternatives like Gobby.

EDIT: Here is a list. While not FOSS, Adobe Buzzword looks promising.

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EtherPad has now gone open source. You can get the source for it and install it on your own server now.

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