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I have a WAG320N wireless router setup as a DHCP relay to my Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise server.

The IP of the router is
The IP of the server is

The scope for the server is to
The excluded range of IP's is to

The server is setup as DC/DHCP/DNS

The server works fine on wired devices and the IAS settings include both the server and router as RADIUS devices.
I have set the router to use RADIUS and standard WPA2-Personal.

When wireless clients connect the receive an IP of the format "169.256.###.###" as if the mask was applied...
If I take the fixed IP of the servers Network bridge it allocates an IP of this format to the Network bridge.

I have been through what seems to be every setting on both the router and the server, the router is assigned the range of available IP's but doesn't allocate them to wireless clients...

Can someone please help?

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