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Trying to get mssql support for php working with IIS6

I require Microsoft Drivers 2.0 for SQL Server for PHP.

v3 was just released but requires NativeClient2012 (doesnt support win2k3)

All links for v2 now forward to v3.

Is there any other way to add support for this?

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It looks like the version 1.1 might be suitable?

Alternatively you could look at installing and using Microsoft's Web Platform Installer. From within this you then have options to install PHP (various versions) and MySQL as well as drivers for connecting to MSSQL from php code.

It's free software and a really easy way to install addons for IIS 6 & IIS 7

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1.1 Worked. Thanks. – Kvad Mar 26 '12 at 23:57

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