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I have moved Mediawiki from old server (LINUX) to new server(LINUX). Once i have moved Math functions are not working. So i requested IT team to install the relevant software and package. When I was trying to run in command line its generating math png's. But at the same time its not working in PHP.

Below command executed in command line:

texvc /apps/xray/data/apache_xray/docs/xray-wiki/images/tmp \ 
      /apps/xray/data/apache_xray/docs/xray-wiki/math "\alpha^2+\beta^2=1"


$wgMathPath         = "{$wgUploadPath}/math"
$wgMathDirectory    = "/apps/xray/data/apache_xray/docs/xray-wiki/images/math"
$wgTmpDirectory     = "/apps/xray/data/apache_xray/docs/xray-wiki/images/tmp"
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Is it the same user in both cases? They might have different permissions. – Wikis Mar 9 '12 at 6:54

PHP has different configuration files (php.ini) for command line and apache. This might be the cause of the difference between the behaviours.

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