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I have a dedicated ubuntu 10.4 LTS x64 server running with:

  • nginx webserver
  • Php
  • mysql community
  • mongodb

The webserver will be running a single web application, I don't share the server with anyone I am the only one that has access to it. I don't want to use FTP since it will take extra resources for nothing, I know I can stop the daemon after I finished uploading the source code, don't suggest me that please.

Is there an alternative to ftp to upload the source code for the application?

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OpenSSH can do scp, which is better anyway, and you will likely have it installed for other admin purposes.

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You could use sftp which works just like ftp except everything is transferred over a secure connection and it will use sshd which is already running. If you use windows, winscp and filezilla both support sftp.

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Try uber uploader if you just need a tool for occasional uploads. Protect it with https or at least HTTP digest authentication.

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