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minecraft@283823:~$ script /dev/null ; screen -t minecraft
  Script started, file is /dev/null
minecraft@283823:~$ exit
  Script done, file is /dev/null
Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/0' - please check.

My interpretation is I'm staying in the script /dev/null instead of running that to set up a new pts so I can screen as a su'ed user...

I'm testing my alias that does the same thing - script /dev/null ; screen. I tried doing this in a bash script the other day and I wound up with the same error.

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This I believe is due to a safety feature that is present on Debian and Ubuntu distributions, if not most other Linux distributions. As previously mentioned a work around could be to change permissions of /dev/pts/* but I would strongly advice against it as it is a security risk.

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Tried changing the permission on /dev/pts/0?

 chmod 666 /dev/pts/0

and then trying what you want to do.

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