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I have Microsoft SQL Server 2008 installed and running but I can't seem to see COMPUTERNAME/MSSQLSERVICE at all.

I have COMPUTERNAME/SQLEXPRESS but that's not the right one.


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So looks like you need to check all instances of sql server running and available. You can check then what if the name is correct or the service is running.

Two ways you could approach this:

If you have Sql Server Management Studio installed:

  • If the Connect to Server Dialog is not visible goto File > Connect Object Explorer
  • Expand the server name dropdown and select Browse for more
  • In the Browse for Servers dialog, check the Network servers tab and expand DataBase engine.


Use osql.exe, it's located here : C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn

and do:

osql -L
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The chances are that the full SQL Server instance on the machine is the default instance, therefore to access it you don't need to specify an instance name.

Therefore, use COMPUTERNAME to access this instance, rather than COMPUTERNAME/MSSQLSERVICE.

If unsure, use OSQL to list instances on the machine.

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