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I'm maintaining a heterogeneous network of mac and linux so I decided to create a little perl script to unify mounting strategies across machines.

The current implementation in linux is in /etc/fstab works fine:

// /mnt/cifs_share cifs user,uid=65001,rw,workgroup=DEV,credentials=/root/.cifs 0 0

and /root/.cifs contains


I tried translating that to a non-fstab format as follows:

mount.cifs // /mnt/cifs_share user,uid=65001,rw,workgroup=DEV,credentials=/root/.cifs

But it doesn't seem to work.

Can someone point out what I'm doing wrong please?

Thanks in advance.

Ismael Casimpan :)

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Syntax of mount.cifs:

mount.cifs {service} {mount-point} [-o options] 

You need to pass the options after the "-o"; for example, if your options are rigth (not tested) your command should be:

mount.cifs // /mnt/cifs_share -o user,uid=65001,rw,workgroup=DEV,credentials=/root/.cifs
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the '-o' was the one I forgot. Thanks for pointing out. I tried it and it now works. Thank you so much :) – icasimpan Mar 9 '12 at 8:15

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