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I'm looking for a method to do incremental file backups. I've found rdiff-backup and had a question about it: is it possible todo something along the lines of backup to 25 feb 2012. I know you can specify it like this: rdiff-backup -r 10D /tmp/file which will restore to 10 days ago, but 10 days ago is relative, and I want to restore to a specific date. Is that possible?


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But the main advantage of rdiff-backup is that it keeps version history. This command restores as it was 10 days ago into a new location /tmp/file.

rdiff-backup -r 10D /tmp/file

> Other acceptable time strings include 5m4s (5 minutes and 4 seconds) and 2002-03-05 (March 5th, 2002). For more information, see the TIME FORMATS section of the manual page.

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Ouch. How could I even miss that. Thanks very much for pointing that out. – Devator Mar 9 '12 at 8:17
Happens to us all :P – thinice Mar 9 '12 at 14:41

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