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There are few topics on this, but most of them are dealing with some older versions .Hope you wont be mad at me if I start new topic, maybe a little more updates then the previous ones. Or maybe I missed something and some1 could lead me to it.

To start with, we have a 12Cores (Hyper-thread 'ed), and 24G RAM, SSD Drives, 64-bit Debian6

So I have a php-cgi running with script i found Tomasz Sterna 's site

Nginx I installed from source 10.0.13.

I have the:


worker_processes  12;
worker_connections  4096;

I think I should have more PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN then 12, as I saw people going in hundreds on this value. But whenever I restart php-cgi with a higher value, php-cgi script takes too long to restart, so I CTRL+C it, so I dont have too much of a downtime.

Maybe some one could explain me how these values play together ? I did quite some reading, still can't get my head around, and dont really have much time for testing.

p.s. Or should I just use FPM and it will take care of it self ?

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Out of curiosity, why do you consider php-fpm to be "used to use". As far as I'm aware this is still the recommended SAPI when using fastcgi. –  Martin Fjordvald Mar 11 '12 at 14:37
Hi, sorry for a late reply. I looked into this and you are right - I seem to misunderstood the article I have read. I ll change the post. –  Katafalkas Mar 21 '12 at 6:05

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