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I am looking to install a SMTP gateway for our MS Exchange server. I am looking for an open-source (and preferably free) solution that does anti-spam and anti-virus filtering. I am wondering if anyone knows of any thing as I have not been able to find any.

Thank you!

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I don't deal with appliances if you are looking for some single distro just for this purpose, then you might have difficulty. If you go with a general purpose linux, and mail transport agent there are a huge number of possibilities. I am surprised you couldn't find anything.

Simply install your favorite mail transport agent (exim, postfix, sendmail, whatever), then integrate one of the many anti-spam/malware mechansisms (spamassassion, clamav, etc).

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Here's how to set up Postfix on a CentOS box:

Here's how to hook up Postfix with Amavis with filtering for antivirus and antispam:

The main difference with this scenario to what you want is that the Postfix instructions are for delivery to a Dovecot IMAP server. You would have to configure Postfix to send to your Exchange box for final delivery. Take a look at this:

for configuration examples for Postfix to act as a gateway.

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Untangle should do the job nicely

However, shopping quuestions are off topic on all stack overflow sites.

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If you're looking for a really simple, but effective solution, I have used MailScanner for years.

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Try ESVA appliance VM images (look towards the bottom for those links).

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