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i copied a private AMI (lamp) over from a different account and created a new instance on ec2. the new instance has a new.pem key associated with it and i can see the title from AWS Management Console: Key Pair Name.

I've created a new.ppk file from new.pem. However when i log in SSH the new key does not work and the old.ppk key still seems to work.

how can i fix this?

would like to get rid of the old key and set new.ppk to be valid

should i follow this?

saw this article but found it confusing, it talks about logging in as root while also saying to disable root login

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found this and helped out!!!… – t q Mar 11 '12 at 3:50

Just remove the old key from '~/.ssh/authorized_keys' and paste in the new public key. Make sure the new key is in OpenSSH format and all on one line.

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yes, what messed me up was that it seems to need 2 entries ... maybe its just my instance thats weird – t q Mar 11 '12 at 3:56

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