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I have a VPS with CENTOS 5.7 . We are using Apache 2.2.22 and mod_fcgi is supposed to be running according to WHM.

  1. I did a httpd -l and mod_fcgid.c was not listed there.

  2. I checked the httpd.conf file and /usr/local/apache/conf/php.conf is included.

  3. I also checked that php.conf file and LoadModule fcgid_module modules/ is there, so I think it should be enabled.

When I try to configure mod_fcgid with parameters like

MaxRequestsPerProcess 500
MaxProcessCount 5 

I write them in the php.conf file and there is no change at all, I have more than 5 php processes in top. Maybe I don't understand how mod_fcgi works ?

How can I check if mod_fcgid is enabled and how can I test it ?

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Run apachectl -t -D DUMP_MODULES to show the modules in the currently running configuration.

Note that mod_fcgid isn't in a standard CentOS 5 package. Instead of compiling it youself, you should enable the karan repo, and install it from there using yum:

The RPM itself can be found at:

but, as said, you should install via yum and let it satisfy dependencies.

Here are some instructions I found:

I haven't tested them, but, on the face of it, they look like they should work.

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