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I will be co locating my first web server and am currently weighing up software, which would you recommend based on my needs?

  • I'm not a host - just run a handful of my own sites (so don't need reseller/billing features etc)
  • Will need PHP & Ruby (Rails) and Mysql
  • Probably Apache, but am open to Nginx
  • Will need firewall/security built in
  • Would prefer light-weight, if that means a more efficient/secure server
  • Will need to be able to configure emails per domain
  • Don't mind having to use command line to set things up such as email (tho a GUI would be nice)
  • Will probably be using CentOS (but am open to suggestions)
  • All the usuals for a web server, such as FTP

    Have used cPanel/WHM for over 5 years (and plex - which I don't like), but don't really need all the features of those.

    Any suggestions? Anything I need to consider but I've missed? Thanks in advance.

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  1. You don't like cPanel or Plesk - which implies you know enough about server management to intelligently critique them.
  2. You're not afraid of a shell environment.
  3. You won't have clients interface with the control panel.
  4. It doesn't sound like you're doing anything too crazy. Pretty vanilla hosting from what you say.

All that adds up to: don't use a control panel.

Still reading? Okay...

If you must have a control panel (try it without one - you might like it! =) ), I would say take a peak at Open Panel or zpanel. Perhaps just good ol' Direct Admin.

I've had to work with control panels for years now and as such I've worked to cull all known server / web hosting control panels into a single blog post at my blog. Consider researching some of them on your own: Definitive List of Web-Based Server Control Panels

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Hi Wesley - thanks! That's exactly the type of informative reply I was after :) –  A4J Mar 11 '12 at 22:33

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