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I'm using a streaming distribution on CloudFront to serve media via RTMP.

Obviously I want to restrict the crossdomain.xml file but CloudFront is only serving it's default one.

The docs give instruction on how to overwrite their default -> I have a public, non-restricted crossdomain.xml in the root of my s3 bucket (the one with the media files), but it still serves out the default. What am I missing?

The default should not be served here:

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The Adobe Flash Media Server crossdomain.xml file specifies which domains can access media files in a particular domain. CloudFront supplies a default file that allows all domains to access the media files in your streaming distribution, and you cannot change this behavior. If you include a more restrictive crossdomain.xml file in your Amazon S3 bucket, CloudFront ignores it. So that means that you actually can not have your own crossdomain.xml file.

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