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I need a script to create the same shared folder on 50 remote Windows Server 2003.

I have tried with psexec but havent got the syntax correct yet
psexec @c:\serverlist.txt cmd net share ShareName="e:\Share" /Remark:"Shared Folder" -d

Any help would be appreciated.

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You certainly call net share with psexec if you want to, but the rmtshare.exe utility would probably be the tool that I'd use.

In your command line you don't need the cmd and the -d (which is, presumably, a psexec argument) is in the wrong place. I think you're looking for psexec @c:\serverlist.txt -d net share ShareName="e:\Share" /Remark:"Shared Folder" instead.

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Thank you! I have run this and it works. – Jake Mar 14 '12 at 9:40

I would use RMTSHARE.exe as well. Give that you have a list of servers in serverlist.txt, I would run the following at a command prompt:

for /f %i in (c:\serverlist.txt) do RMTSHARE \\%i\ShareName=e:\share /Remark:"Shared Folder"

This will create a share named "ShareName" that is sharing e:\share with the remark "Shared Folder" and the default share permissions of Everyone: Read

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