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I was looking at this blog and SO question These things prefer to drop www from their websites. But if you are running a website on SSL and you drop www, won't you get a certificate error? I use wild card cert on all my websites. Few examples: (this is the website I want to drop www)

If I do that I will get a certificate error when I access the website any browser, how can I fix this?

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The SSL certificates I get from GoDaddy work on both www and non-www. Sometimes we receive SSL certs from other vendors that don't work this way, not sure why. – ceejayoz Mar 13 '12 at 17:22

You need to have the non-www name as a valid subject name in your certificate. Many CAs will put in the subject alternate names field when issuing a certificate for (or for *, in the wildcard case), but it sounds like your certificate doesn't have this.

You likely need to obtain a new certificate to cover both names.

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Buy a certificate for, and publish on another IP.

A wildcard certificate for * will match any direct subdomain to but never itself, unless it's included as a SAN.

Alternatively, have users redirected to or or alike, when they need encryption, and otherwise use only over HTTP

An example: You run a blog or social site. Have content accessible on HTTP, but when users need access to login forms, settings pages or the likes, link to

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