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I'm running a simple LAMP server at home from which I host a personal blog. The server is running Arch Linux, with the latest-and-greatest versions of Apache, MySQL, and PHP. In order to easily maintain the databases, I installed phpMyAdmin. However, I cannot login. If I were to SSH into the server and run mysql -u <user> -p <password>, no errors show up and I'm immediately placed into the MySQL prompt. No problem.

However, when I try to log in with phpMyAdmin, using those exact same credentials, nothing happens. No errors, no nothing, I'm just redirected back to the login page.

Did I do something wrong?

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As per the FAQs, Server Fault usually frowns upon questions in a home setting - the question would be better suited to SuperUser. That said, as a starting point check your php.ini settings for session.save_path (e.g. using phpinfo()) and ensure that path is writeable by the user PHP is running as (and check your server logs for errors). –  cyberx86 Mar 14 '12 at 2:29
Duly noted. Thanks for the help. –  Zach Dziura Mar 14 '12 at 4:50
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